Speakers Bio

Panelist: Prof. Prasuna Reddy, 
Associate Dean (International and Advancement), Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney, Australia.


Speaker Bio: Professor Reddy has worked on numerous research collaborations in the UK and Australia, and was most recently the Visiting Professor at King’s College London Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience and the Professor of Mental Health Services, Research and Innovation at the University of Newcastle. She has extensive experience as both a mental health professional and a senior research academic. Professor Reddy joins UTS with considerable academic leadership experience from appointments as Professor and Director of Mental Health Research in faculties of Health and Medicine in leading universities across Australia (including the University of Newcastle, Flinders University and Deakin University).  She has also worked as a senior research behavioral scientist in research-intensive psychology departments (University of Melbourne, Swinburne University). With an impressive track record of excellence in applied health research, Professor Reddy consistently attracts research funding and has produced over 150 peer-reviewed publications and commissioned research reports. She has worked as the Chief Investigator or leader of research teams for over 60 competitive national and international research grants over the past ten years. In addition, Professor Reddy, as a Director of Research, has helped university departments and research centres to become innovative consulting and applied research organisations, attracting over $22 million in Federal and State (NSW, VIC, SA) government and NGO funding for large-scale linkage research projects and programs connecting academic scholarship, public health initiatives and primary care, hospital and community health services. Professor Reddy also has extensive experience as a practicing registered psychologist, an endorsed supervisor (for PhDs, Masters and other postgraduate research theses) and a university course coordinator, teacher and deliverer. At UTS:Health, Professor Reddy will contribute to teaching in mental and public health, develop a new multidisciplinary postgraduate coursework program for health professionals in mental health and will make substantial contributions to our research efforts.